Mira Falkenstein


Mira Falkenstein is a techno DJ and producer from Cologne, Germany.
Her musical journey began 2015, when she learned DJing and music production on a professional level. Over the years, her musical preference transformed more and more towards techno, which is now characterized by a rich peaktime sound with driving, melodic and acid elements. With authentic positive energy, she takes the crowd into a set on fire, played like a story with dynamic parts of melodic breaks, exciting build ups and powerful drops.

Not only does she like to express herself as an artist visually, she also creates her own music productions with a motivating background story for each song. She has already released on Colognes label Kassiopeia. Played at the Loveparade / Rave the Planet 2022. Recorded bookings for Bootshaus, Gewölbe and almost all other techno clubs in Cologne. Mira Falkenstein was able to inspire events such as Affenkäfig, Lichtblick, Nibirii, Koeln ist Techno, Beats Bass Cologne, Bad Vibes and many more with her impulsive techno sound. With the aim to spread her inner fire through the music to the outside world, she plays her sets full of energy in a charming and straight forward way.


Instagram: mirafalkenstein

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