Isabelle Beaucamp

von | Jan 4, 2024 | Artists


Get ready for the electrifying presence of Berlin’s own Isabelle Beaucamp.

With a meteoric rise, she’s graced big stages worldwide and even adorned the cover of FAZEmag multiple times.
In November, Isabelle achieved a significant milestone with the release of her first three tracks – “Habibi,” “Lache-toi,” and “We Have a Dream” – swiftly climbing to the top 15 on the Beatport charts, a testament to her immediate impact on the techno stages.

Adding to her accolades, Isabelle launched her own record label, “Bazar Sauvage,” promising a unique soundscape. She’s also entered the fashion realm with her brand, “Bazar Sauvage Couture.”
Known for her refreshingly distinctive sound, Isabelle seamlessly blends hard-hitting techno with enchanting grooves, (psy)trance and a touch of acid. Renowned for her eclectic sets, she seamlessly weaves in elements from international Rap, oriental traditional music, Brazilian tribal beats, breakbeats, drum & bass, and old-school Detroit techno, captivating crowds in ecstatic frenzy.

In December, Isabelle has released her latest mesmerizing track, “Venha Comigo Dance Comigo”, showcasing Isabelle’s skillful blend of linguistic and musical elements accompanied by an astonishing music video on youtube. Keep an eye out for Isabelle Beaucamp as she continues to make waves in the world of electronic music!


Instagram: isabelle_beaucamp

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